Visit the Facebook data center

In pictures below were taken in Facebook’s data center located in the city of Prineville, Oregon. This data center than to store data and operate the servers for services of Facebook, it can also be used to test the application on multiple different mobile devices reviews.

Facebook built quite a private area, designed shelves and separate automation systems to ensure that their app runs well on many different types of devices. Data center has 3 large buildings, including a construction continues. Come on, you are invited to visit.

Most companies have their anonymity, did not say that the data center of any company because of concerns security reasons or data theft. As Facebook is not, look at the table who knew row.

Visit the Facebook data center
Visit the Facebook data center

One of the reasons that Facebook chose to build this data center in the Oregon high desert is to take advantage of the strong wind in order to cool the server interesting science facts. In the photo above, white water tank is used to cool the air as if overheated. Facebook primarily uses electricity from the local power grid, but the company also has a number of solar panels to supplement.

A recording sheet sent letters to thank from a school nearby for donations of Facebook. In a small town like Prineville, Facebook is one of the leading employers. Facebook also helps improve electricity and water systems and local infrastructure.

There is a special room that even many of the data center staff will not be entering: delete the data room. This is where Facebook users to delete data before reusing the drive or bring destruction.

Facebook also use this data center as a place to test the app on several different devices. At the first time, engineers Facebook would test each machine a right at your desk random fact of the day. To accelerate the speed, Facebook made a tray for holding metal phones simultaneously. But because the metal should be able to affect Wi-Fi. So the company moved to the plastic shelves. Each shelf holds around 100 the telephone. But still tangled wires.

The next step is to try to develop a Facebook wall to mount the phone on. Such a wall containing about 240 machines simultaneously. But to test over 2,000 smartphone, Facebook will need 9 rooms like this if located in their headquarters, so the company decided to move it to the data center.

60 the shelf like this in the data center, as the 1920 phone to be used for testing purposes before uploading applications to store. Facebook is working to increase the number of phones per shelf up to 64 units, while the open design for all users. A current challenge is how to put them both phones increasingly wide.

To another area. Of course, were on the scene to a great data center familiar with server stacks stretching is indispensable. The shelf (rack) contains the server is designed in the Open Compute Project configuration, an open configuration and everyone involved in the production and installation. These servers are cooled by a stream of air enters, then the heat will be sucked out of the building through a “corridor” special. This corridor of course is very hot… read more penguins facts for kids.

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