Vietnam’s Animal Racing game

Yesterday afternoon dated 08.04.2016 CaChep studio has officially released version of the game Runner Mobile game interesting with the super cute characters and great graphics. Let us discuss and evaluate several features of the game game-animal-racing Highlights of Animal Racing game: – Free – Beautiful 2D graphics – 4 worlds with 60 levels to challenge players – System-rich character – System diverse skills, eye-catching effect – Renovation of characters to achieve high rankings in all levels Play the game and become a legendary racer! Built on the familiar gameplay Kids Turbo each storm of images of boys and girls running on the way to school at the same idea with images of fun racing game on PC. The first version called Animal racing was born carrying two familiar elements – strange. game-animal-racing-free Runner and building gameplay suitable for all ages, no violent action scenes, no terrifying chase shots, with interesting Racing (Animal racing) was born to bring elements of gentle cartoon images , the track is not fiery, but always stimulating players to “finish”. Touch and just touch but his ingenuity to move beyond those who are under the front, the eye to collect gold and jump right choice goal you can easily to the finish. game-animal-racing-kute With 4 areas to explore and more than 60 small screens built in the interlocking level. Causing players to focus to move. 10 characters are built into the leader or the head but of the tribe joining Animal race and every character will have in their different powers. Arsenal and built to help provide support for screen play, with over 10 weapons and items maximum support. Besides the chemical character roles with different expression corresponding to his actions (annoyed when attacked, sadly it fell off a cliff, …) Photos beautiful 2D graphics, combining vivid sound effects and matching games are expected to be a breath of fresh air for the combination of racing gameplay, immersive and Treasury games on mobile platforms The current. Animal Racing game review Graphics: 7 Interactions: 7 Price: 8 Smart Features: 6 Total: 7

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