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The Tips and Tricks page is dedicated to any miscellaneous information regarding gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport! Some of this information may be elaborated in other sections, or perhaps it’s too small of a tip to earn its own page. Either way, if you can think of anything that would help out your fellow racers, feel free to click that “Edit Page” button in the top right corner to contribute!

Online connectivity is practically required

If your PlayStation 4 cannot connect to the Polyphony Digital servers, you cannot save your progress in Gran Turismo Sport. This means all your Currencies, not to mention your progress toward new unlockable features, will be stopped cold.

You can still play the game in Arcade mode if a connection cannot be established, but any progress you make (and any rewards you would have earned) will be lost.

Your profile and progression are saved server-side but cloned client-side so any cars or tracks you’ve unlocked, in addition to anything you’ve downloaded from Discover, will still be available. But if you’re playing to make actual progress, you’ll be frozen until a connection can be reestablished.

Easy credit farming

Once you hit Driver Level 20, you can easily farm credits and other currencies as demonstrated with this video. You’ll need to go to Custom Race in Arcade and create one with the following settings:

Race your way

Gran Turismo Sport features several modes of play, and all modes are unlocked from the start. While your profile will collect various Currencies based on how you play, note that you can earn all currencies from all race-based modes aside from 2 Player Battle.

This means that you could play and earn everything in single-player, or play and earn everything in Sport Mode against friends. You can also earn a lot of Currencies in Campaign Mode, potentially earning many rewards before you technically have your first race. Gone are the old license systems, and there are no fixed tours or seasons; you can earn all your credits from nothing but rally race time trials for example, assuming you’re willing to put in the time.

Of course the game encourages you to try out all its systems, especially with the Achievements you can earn (which are separate from PlayStation Network Trophies). But unless you want to collect everything and experience absolutely every nook and cranny of the software, you are never required to do anything in particular.

Further, even the Trophies themselves encourage quantity over quality. While some Trophies revolve around earning gold times in the Campaign, most are about the number of races you participate in and the length you drive, not any specific mode you may or may not explore.

Finally, nothing in the game requires that you have a PlayStation VR. While there is a VR Tour mode, there are no Achievements or Trophies that require the hardware.

Sharing is caring… but a little narrow

Gran Turismo Sport features a simple but robust internal sharing site for players to exchange and like each other’s liveries, photos, and more. However, sharing your pictures outside of GT Sport’s internal sharing site is a little more involved. You’ll need to take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s firmware to, for example, share an image on Facebook or Twitter, or to stream races on YouTube or Twitch. This likely is a design decision to avoid redundancy, but either way there is no simple in-game way to share anything to any website outside of GT Sport’s control. Luckily, doing so is just a Share button press away.


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