Pokémon Go – Nintendo’s trump card

Only a short time after the launch of this game, Nintendo’s market value has increased by nearly 90%, to one of the top 20 largest firms in Japan.

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According to the report by the Financial Times, Nintendo currently has values of up to 3.94 billion dollars, up until 90% compared to before the launch Pokémon Go. Even Nintendo is also greater than the market value of the enterprise behemoths like Mitsubishi and Nomura in Japan. It is reported that Nintendo currently owns approximately 33% share of the Pokémon Company and about 5-10% of Niantic – game programming company. Was officially launched about 10 days ago, Pokémon Go has become a game to be numerous users and interest received. It even created a movement called Pokémon hunting in the online community. Although officially only been released in some countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand, this game has been downloaded millions of times, reaching a high position on the charts applications.


Current can see Pokémon Go is a very favorable start, exceeding expectations. However, this game is still pretty much error, and encounter the phenomenon can not connect to the server by the number of participating overcrowded. There’s also some flaws that players can cheat by fake GPS, this can cause failure Pokémon Go in the near future.

Besides, because the game requires constant movement and focus, should have a number of players have encountered many problems, even accidents while catching a Pokemon uncle.


Previously also had plenty of Nintendo games cause fever when released. But the company did not take measures to maintain the attractiveness of this game so quickly failed and forgotten. So, perhaps Nintendo and Niantic should focus on server stability, and next to that is finding ways to increase the attractiveness of the game Pokémon Go. If not, maybe in the near future, Nintendo and Pokémon Go will again see a similar outcome.

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