Pokemon Go: Booming information about server Asia

Only in less than 12 hours, a series of unexpected changes makes the theme “Pokemon Go until released in Asia” becomes hot again on social networking sites free online games for kids. No need to introduce too many of the “hot” Pokemon Go, Niantic game names are covering all of the media at home and abroad, even, might conclude this is the mobile game the most successful ever in terms of effects, social effects.

Unfortunately though creating global craze, Pokemon Go has not officially set foot in any of the Asian countries do. Among them, the “bitter” is the Japanese most – the country that gave birth to the Pokemon, and also the first market test conducted Pokemon Go before.

After 2 weeks of launch, the question “until the game launches in Asia” has always been a hot topic on social networking sites. Community Pokemon enthusiast gamers Asia crept every corner, video game reviews collect any rumors, or fictional news “uncle do believe in Nintendo”, in order to relieve the thirst only Pokemon Go are causing many deaths gradually dying.

Pokemon Go: Booming information about server Asia
Pokemon Go: Booming information about server Asia

Incidentally, after nearly one week of silence and neglect the Asian market, a series of official events and “do nothing” exploded simultaneously, making the online community continues to live up. First, at around 18 o’clock on 19.7, some information related to the Pokemon Go launches in Japan suddenly appeared.

Specifically, these sources said Pokemon Go will launch today (20.7) in Japan, interesting science facts but can only be played in the area around the branch McDonald’s (fast food the contract financed with Niantic). This information quickly rejected because they could not find evidence.

Just exactly two hours later, co-host of servers located in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand are included in the formal system of Niantic. However, these servers are placed in a state of “sealing”. This can be considered as specific preparations, most obviously in the release of Pokemon Niantic Go in Asia.

Shortly after, news pages simultaneously as TechCrunch, Editor, Nikkei… Ninantic reported on the official announcement will have on Asian markets tomorrow (21.7). Notably, numerous gamers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Japan, Korea, China, India, Vietnam… some amazing facts feedback on data download speeds of Pokemon Go has become significantly faster. Of course, still have not been able to experience the game.

In a separate development, the famous actress sexy Chau Tu NA (Hong Kong) signed status notification of the girl will live facebook …. his scene experience Pokemon Go at 5 hours and 30 this afternoon ( Hong Kong time). Notably, the actress used a lot hashtag “stimulate” the curiosity of gamers as “Pokemon Go”, “launch”, “exclusive”.

Have to say, the flow of information on Pokemon Go in Asia are “puppets mixed”, however, this is far more desirable than the gloomy picture, darkness had lasted for nearly one week. Hopefully, gamers Asia in general and Vietnam will soon start collecting Pokemon journey.

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