Identify the best girl games on mobile

Identify the best girl games on mobile – For the baby to grow rapidly, parents should let their children contact the outside world as soon as possible, especially with the world of technology, and play action games for pc that can help children be entertained, medium Help him to be more agile in communication and to know things better. Here are some great games for kids on the mobile


Toysburg is the hottest game ever seen on mobile, released by Angry Mob Game, but the game gives children unlimited creativity and especially games that are suitable for all ages. .

In the game, he will transform into a young man, possesses super power, transforming his ideas into real objects. Talented talent of this guy helped Toysburg town enjoy the bargain with good business. In addition, the child must use the mind with the help of Elder Mustard to save his sister kidnapped by the dark forces.


Beautiful 3D graphics with innovative effects, animated cartoon style, colorful fun characters together to create a world that may only exist in the child’s imagination. The children will feel extremely excited, creative freedom with endless imagination.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Depicable Me: Minion Rush is a fast-paced, endless run game based on the blockbuster “Despicable Me.” They will play the role of Minion Gold, Yellow Fat, loyal and mischievous, ready to challenge the race against time, jump, roll, dodge and scramble with other characters in the task with speed. Fast and fun. When they run 750m, they will have the chance to meet the ‘boss’ villain and fight them.

With fun images, special voice dubbing and excellent 3D graphics, the gameplay and many unique bonuses such as smashing things into Mega Minion, riding a unicorn, gathering bananas … certainly not baby I can take my eyes off the screen and parents are completely reassured with the game that my dad is ‘examining and breaking’.

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 Cooking Dash 2016

Cooking Dash 2016 for Android, launched by leading game developer on the mobile platform Glu Mobile, will give kids a golden opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a chic chef for a long time. Also have the opportunity to own a class restaurants with their own names, please enter the game only the baby.

In the game, the children will play her lovely waiter flo Flo, commissioned to prepare food and serve the fastidious. Different from previous versions, this time the children will face more difficult challenges, have to know how to control time, participate in a reality show to find super chefs with recipes Sophisticated and elaborate, under the witness and cheers of hundreds of audiences … is both an opportunity to improve their skills and help promote their restaurant.

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