Horses know how to distinguish between anger and fun faces

See also:  elephants facts Horses can differentiate angry or happy faces, even inclined to view the photos express negative emotions. Ngựa biết phân biệt giữa gương mặt giận dữ và vui vẻ. According to research published today in the journal Biology Letters 10/2, 28 horses were shown color photos with different facial expressions within 30 seconds. A team of psychologists at the University of Sussex, England, track their responses. Learn more: facts of life When viewing photos with faces and angry man scowled, the horse’s heart rate increased significantly. More importantly, they are inclined to look at the picture the left eye, an expression relating to negative stimuli. Information from the horse’s left eye was transferred to the right hemisphere, the region specialized in recognizing the dangers of the environment, the researchers said. “This study is interesting because it shows that the horse has the ability to read others’ emotions,” graduate student Amy Smith, co-author of the study, said. “We have long known that the horse is a species capable of complex social interactions, but this is the first time we see we can distinguish between positive expression and negative on the human face.” The horses from the herd of horses in Sussex and Surrey to the south of England also reacted strongly with angry faces than happy faces. “Knowing angry face like a warning signal, allowing them to predict the negative behavior as well as rude of the person” Smith explained. For more facts at reviews

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