How to get gifts for you and your PC gaming friends

How to get gifts for you and your PC gaming friends

Gifts under $25

Mudcrab plush

In Elder Scrolls these are the seemingly harmless things that take you out at the lowest possible moments, still reeling from a giant attack or crawling ashore after a fight with a Slaughterfish. Here it’s a little cuddle buddy that will keep you company while you wait for a new Elder Scrolls game to kill 200 hours in. He’s only six inches tall but don’t let that worry you, the ladies will love him anyway.

You Died: The Dark Souls Companion

The Dark Souls-obsessed gamer in your life has likely already learned all there is to know about the series’ lore and spent long nights poring over Fextralife wiki pages. But there’s almost certainly something they don’t know in You Died, a collection of interviews and stories by a pair of writers (including our colleague Kotaku UK Keza MacDonald) who care deeply about the series. Learn about how one fan turned his lore dissection into a living and how developers have been influenced by the Souls series. Meet the game’s most hardcore invaders. It’s the most fun you can have reading about Dark Souls unless you really love stat tables.

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Pixel Gamer coloring books

We’ve all just got to accept that adult coloring books are a thing now, and it’s really easy to be super snarky about them until you’ve had a few glasses of sherry and then suddenly you’re sat in front of a Big Bang Theory marathon coloring carefully and wondering what happened to your hopes and dreams.

This addition to the coloring book pile is at least cool, boasting 32 pixel art designs of recognizable characters and elements from the world of gaming – treasure chests, plumbers, castles and aliens – for you to scribble on with childish abandon.

Snuggable Companion Cube plush

Toss your throw pillows and replace them with the warmer, more loving and more huggable plush Companion Cube from Valve’s store. Cradling it in your arms is the least you can do to repay the poor Companion Cube for all those times you dropped it into an incinerator, you murderer.

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Firewatch ‘Crime by the Numbers’ notebook pack

If Firewatch inspired you to sign up with the United States Forest Service and spend your next summer alone in the wilderness trying to tame turtles then you’re going to want to tweet about it. But you can’t, because your phone reception died the moment you arrived, so you have to write it all down instead. And sketch pictures you can Instagram later.

Capture your thoughts in this elegant selection of notebooks inspired by the Crime By The Numbers series of books you find scattered throughout Firewatch. The covers are designed by Olly Moss and hide solid Field Notes paper within.

Overwatch throw pillows

This selection of Overwatch themed throw pillows will bring a touch of class to any gaming hole, offering just the right amount of buttock support for a long gaming session. Of course, it doesn’t feel right to place your unmentionable region onto the face of Mercy on a regular basis, but she’s a healer and it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. Except that rash, that is something that no one in the galaxy has ever seen before and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T SCRATCH IT.

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