Games play jewels star 2

Classic game of “healthy 3” , jewels famous person 2 released in goolge play. Your challenge is to win jewels superstar, skip the levels and try and get all stars in each degree. A way to play 1: match three or extra equal free jewel games. 2: healthy the jewels till the board transparency,the jewels star will appear. Three: make the jewels celebrity down to remaining line to bypass the extent. Hints: put off the jewels quickly can get more scores.

Games play jewels star 2
Games play jewels star 2

  • More than 2 hundred degrees and 8 pretty scenes in the game, which include starry sky,mountains,snow global and so on.
  • Cast off 4 jewels to earn one bomb jewel with one blitz bonus.
  • Do away with 5 or greater jewels to earn one strength jewel with 2 blitz bonus.
  • Cast off 20 jewels non-stop can earn one blitz bonus.
  • The bomb jewel can do away with the jewels around.
  • The electricity jewel can put off to some other colored jewel.
  • The timing jewel can enlarge the playing time.
  • The lightning jewel can put off jewels in a single row.
  • For the frozen jewel,it can’t be circulate, however may be launched by casting off jewels around.
  • For the chained jewel,it cannot be pass, however can be destroyed with the aid of doing away with jewels internal.
  • For the stone, it is a impediment, but may be destroyed by eliminating jewels around.

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