Game Pokemon Go for iOS, Android, Windows Phone

This is the game using the smartphone’s camera, sensor mode, as well as location-based algorithm to catch Pokemon positioning in the real world. Interactive technology practice, players can win Pokemon anywhere, on the streets, stadiums, waterfront, beach … train and level up by fighting them with pets other users.

This game has not yet been in Vietnam download, users need to switch to other countries app stores. Pokemon Go, interactive reality game (AR) based on the popular comic book series of the same name by Nintendo and Niantic Labs development company, free online games for kids as officially available in two operating systems iOS and Android in some countries and regions certain.

Game Pokemon Go for iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Game Pokemon Go for iOS, Android, Windows Phone

According to the latest information, users in Australia and New Zealand were able to access the Play Store and App Store to download this exciting game. The fans, especially in the US, Japan and some other countries are not yet able to experience Pokemon Go by a few technical problems science facts for kids. On the Wall Street Journal newspaper, The Pokémon Company representative apologized and hope users wait patiently before the official launch of the application in this market in the near future.

Since only the rumors in the tech world, Nintendo and The Pokemon always tight-lipped about the release date. The last information at the conference E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) held by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) said annual game will be released in 7/2016. Even the most recent testing session also ended last 30/6 days. Therefore, this issue has brought excitement and cause unexpected for those who love Pokemon.

The higher the level the more powerful Pokemon that. Especially the “coach” can conduct exchanges if necessary read more random fact of the day. Despite being released for free, but users can choose the product as well as service support package comes to $ 0.99 in price from $ 99.99 to get the best gaming experience.

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