Game experience forever eternal

The play in the Eternal Epoch has a sense of familiar role-playing games often see but also bring a strange feel to bring the journey to collect the kind of rings of the race.

Game experience forever eternal

Eternity Era is a mobile game with a catchy European medieval era to take players into the journey to find the rings in the power of the mystery of the people, elves, dwarfs and Chu. God.

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Game experience forever eternal
Game experience forever eternal

Rather than being divided into distinct races, Eternal Era let players choose between the two team members and the Cursor representing the male or female character. Later, the player can transform into the master by the required items without having to play again. Impress the player with beautiful graphics, detailed skills with pictures, possession form , the color of the style, especially players have a specific skill is the god to strengthen the power to destroy the powerful Lord God.

Harmonized with the slow-moving color palette of medieval Europe, changing with each map, drawing the players a classic era of luxury and elegance. In addition, the game’s content is rotated 25 ghost rings are lost, each ring hidden power terrible, want to bring the power of slow progress, players not only have to buy it, but also to overcome the challenge of the ring. Initially, the player will be guided by the plot, performing missions to advance and accumulate% to fight the Lord of the Rings and take the ring of the God who stopped the execution.

The battle for the gods also help players turn it into a skill appropriate for their own occupation, so the early stage almost exclusively for the task of opening skills, riding, plus nature points. for character. Up to level 50, new everyday tasks begin to appear for players to explore.He has a boring look, but thanks to the speed to level slightly, purple items also collected all in the stage. Practice the task in addition to stop the construction These are charming stories revolve around the history of the rings, the race phase of the construction phase is off so fast players have reached level 50.

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In the aftermath of the tour, players will enjoy an exciting experience with dozens of exciting activities: The Return of the Lord, The Abyss, the Dismissal of the Dead, and the events of Angmar. Eudemons, Grasshoppers, Guild Wars will challenge the brains of players. In general, this game creates a fair environment for both enthusiasts and big players. In the game, the player with freedom of conversation, selling items articles need to have. The busy market in this game sells all the items brought in the boss hunt or complete the task that the player does not have to worry about spending time consuming useless, or like. Take the plow time, players also bring money to trade friends who items you need.

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