Fun Housefly Facts For Kids

I have a keen interested on amazing animal facts , about Houseflies  and just want to share this amazing information to you 

  1. House flies are active during the day. They rest during the night.
  2. Females can lay up to 2500 eggs usually on the food they eat. House flies undergo complete metamorphosis: egg will transform into larvae, larvae will transform into pupa and pupa will give rise to adult insect. Complete development lasts 10 days.
  3. House flies have incredible high reproductive capacity. Without natural predators, one couple of flies and their offspring would be able to cover all continents on Earth to the height of 18 feet after couple of months of reproduction.
  4. House fly can survive from 30 to 60 days.
  5. The common housefly has a maximum flying speed of five miles per hour… even though its wings beat 20 thousand times per minute.
  6. The fly has four thousand separate lenses in each eye – eight thousand in all – providing wide angle vision which is in fact omnidirectional.
  7. The female fly may lay as many as 21 batches of offspring, each containing up to 130 eggs.
  8. The larvae [maggots] normally hatch in about two days. Larvae feed on surrounding waste… and grow and shed their skin twice before entering the pupae stage.
  9. The larvae-pupae stage lasts from one to two weeks. The adult fly emerges from the pupae stage full grown.
  10. The adult fly has a normal life of about thirty (30) days during warm weather although flies live as long as five months.
  11. During cold weather the larvae-pupae stage may last for weeks or even months, with the adult fly emerging in warm weather.
  12. In the summer reproduction months (April to September), the descendents of one pair of flies, if all lived and reproduced normally, would number 191,000,000,000,000,000,000… enough to cover the entire land area of the world to a depth of 18 feet.

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