Famous racing games with beautiful graphics

If you are a gamer must first select the game has a beautiful 3D interface, invite you to the same famous racing games with beautiful graphics.

Famous racing games with beautiful graphics

1 / Game Mad Riders

Mad Riders is a super mario racing game, is a 3d racing game with beautiful graphics. You are a passionate fan of the type of 3D racing game moto terrestrial transport right on the computer game Mad Riders, you will firmly like this terrain racing game.

Game Mad Riders
Game Mad Riders

Graphics in the game Mad Riders relatively impressive, beautiful, bring the array of colorful, rich. The racing scene in Mad Riders is also bright, fresh, giving gamers a handy look and control of the car.

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2 / F1 Race Stars

F1 Race Stars is a racing game developed by Codemasters, a Formula 1 racing game. With F1 Race Stars offline, players will participate in intense racing fiercely. The graphics in this game are highly appreciated, bringing realistic, vivid and beautiful images.

If you are looking for a racing game to relax entertainment do not miss the game F1 Race Stars, racing game blood fire but also very funny, fun. Transfer game to play only, it’s free!

3 / Forza Horizon 3

Set in beautiful Australia and the thrilling Horizon Festival, Horizon Season 3 promises to make you throttle to the true speed of the scene. What better than driving the latest Lamborghini, BMW, … on the wide forest road or white sand beach sun yellow.

Famous racing games with beautiful graphics
Famous racing games with beautiful graphics

The Forza Horizon 3 collection has up to 350 vehicles, even exceeding the acceptable level for any car fan favorite. Last but not least, the special features for a rider are well developed, especially the level of the car. Players can customize the appearance of the car enthusiasts, tuning the engine can change the tires of the car to fit the street racing and weather. Eye-catching music is also an essential part of any racing game. In addition to custom radio channels that own all sorts of underground music, you can also transfer your own music to the game for free. Horizon 3 with both Auction House and Storefront systems allows players to bid on bunkers or merely show off the work they have been plowing for hours.

4 / Project Cars 2

Following the success of the previous version of Project Cars 2, the big game developers Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco teamed up to create the next version of the game to give players a new global experience in the game as in real life. . They rely on real-world experiences to measure speed, light and angle of rotation in real time to grow to the next version. So the configuration suggestion to play this title is quite terrible. Including the Core i7 Ram 16 GB, and the GTX 1080 processor. However, for some upgrades, the game is speculatively powerful in terms of graphical perspective and character depth, wider tournament, The spirit to conquer the game offline.

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