Application drawing new virtual reality

Google launches virtual reality applications Tilt paint brush, promising to create a revolution to change the definition of painting. According reviews to CNN, HTC Vive headset wearing sunglasses on top, users can use a digital paintbrush to draw the 3D image to the real size of anything, including the materials can not be in real life like fire, snow or stars new virtual reality.

Application drawing new virtual reality
Application drawing new virtual reality

This application is not only used for the school of artists installation art, but also has the potential to change the history of fashion design interesting science facts. The artist can draw on materials such as denim, silk and cotton, including leather new virtual reality.

The designers can scale up innovative, walk around your work while working, look at it from every angle imaginable and shared with users around the globe Tilt Brush new virtual reality.

This application is a group of artists selected by the Google Cultural Institute in Paris experimental trial in early 2016. “It really knocked me is the ability to turn a museum or a gallery space into which performed installation art, “Cuban American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada said about the application of this technology some amazing facts. Graffiti artist Chu agrees, saying Tilt Brush “will revolutionize the way people admire the impressive work of art.”

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